The first video

After the first days, where there was a bit of everything (no snow and sun, rain, wind and finally a heavy dump of the white fresh powder), I give you the first video. It was shot today in Hochfugen.

Temperature at 2000m was -7ºC, no wind and poor visibility. It was snowing the whole day but it ended up being a great snowboarding day.

(I am truly sorry for not posting more frequently, but I am still catching up to riding everyday. Once I get home and sit in front of the computer, I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. But soon I’ll be fitter than ever!)

TPW – official presentation

Friends, good music and great venue – what could be a better environment to present The Perfect Winter?

This is a simple clip of a great evening that gathered friends and mountain enthusiasts to learn about The Perfect Winter. It was hosted in downtown Faro, at a beautiful venue called Mezzanine Wine bar on November 27, 2015.

The images speak for themselves, I guess. Thank you!


A Pipeline junta-se à aventura!

A cada dia que passa esta viagem vai ganhando mais força. E quando uma marca de referência como a Pipeline Surf & Snow Shop aceita o desafio de participar no Inverno Perfeito, é um bom augúrio para o que aí vem. Quando zarpar em Janeiro à descoberta dos Alpes Austríacos levo comigo as boas energias de quem apoia e acredita que existe vida além do trilho mais batido.

Como dizem lá nas Américas: support your local shop!

Thank you Pipeline!!

logo pipe surfshop